The Black Republican said “oppression” when he probably meant (and I would’ve said) “desperation” – and I don’t even agree with his analysis of the problem – but it’s still good to see Hova stepping down from the throne to talk about the projects. 
 Now, if only we had someone who could articulate conservatism,…



  1. Ugh, my brain turns off when Frank talks…just because of his speaking style; that alone does it.

    I do disagree on one big point though: those housing projects were never a step up. That's what they were billed as, but they were never that. They were a trap — a really pretty window dressed trap (and I don't blame people for falling for it — who wouldn't?). They broke up neighborhoods, broke up families, they overly burdened the urban economic base while taking away the means to afford them from that base, and to a certain extent that's kinda what they were designed to do and they sure did not disappoint on that score. They should have never been built.
    The problem is that they already did their damage, so what now? That's a million dollar question.


  2. As for what conservatism is: ok, I'll bite (but in all humility!!, I can't say anybody else is going to like my take on it…but I don't think I'm off by far).

    Conservatives should be concerned about conserving things like families, neighborhoods, small businesses, entrepeneurs, the country…making sure everybody has at least an equal footing under the law (not economically or anything like that but not unlawfully discriminated against) so they can do with their lives whatever they work towards — if that means being a millionaire, fine, just don't break the law; it that means being some working class poor guy with a little house and a beater car, fine, just don't break the law — there are penalties for that so you don't step on anybody else's life while living your life. The American dream is about being free to order your life the way you want while allowing everybody else to do the same. Your rights are also a responsibility.
    In that regard conservatism should foster/encourage a desire in people to conserve those things — hell, I'll even throw in public education, because everybody wants their kids schooled (but it needs to be handled a bit more reasonably), the some sort of safety net (because we have an obligation to watch out for each other — but no more crazy shit with that either) and the environment (because nobody wants to live in a trashpit, but no crazy wind farm schemes or any of that crap…which are just ponzi contraptions anyway) — but again, within reason…no more greenie or New Age nonsense (I'm kinda liking Sowell's politics/economics of the local without tipping into crazy federalist/libertarian la-la land — federal government does have a place; it's a balance). Put some freaking thought into shit and no more crazy ideological flights of fancy which don't do anybody any good in the long run (or is just downright harmful) — pragmatism and trying to find the best course for everybody would be nice.

    But I'm just a dumb hillbilly; what the fuck do I know? (and nobody is going to listen to me anyway, so there you have it)


  3. He was dead on perfect with the "there's no middle class". That is the problem. There isn't even a healthy working class, and to reiterate, any base to have those things got ripped out from underneath those communities (same thing is beginning to happen in rural white world too…and it is beginning to have the same damn effect).
    Who wouldn't get desperate? For that matter, who wouldn't get pissed as hell?
    Things can't stand like this, and they can't go on…whether anything constructive gets done…ah, there's the rub.


  4. If you permit, I will also say this:

    I can remember my dad talking about the race issue, and he tied it to something bigger — to paraphrase: it isn't right to take family, neighborhood, work away from a man, to take his ability to possess and defend and lead those things. To claim those things, to be a man of respect (uomo rispetto was the term he used) within even his small world, to call his women and children his own and to safeguard them, to have everyone know this about him…this is a man's thing. You won't understand it, but it is. He has to have it because his mind, his heart, and to be blunt his crotch drives him to have ownership. No man who really lives will give these up willingly; take them away from him and there will be consequences! They have a right to be angry.
    That's roughly what my dad said, more than once.

    And I don't know, because hey, I'm a woman…but I'm pretty sure my dad may have had a point (he seemed pretty sharp about stuff to me at least) — and that is what has been weighing on my mind during the whole Zimmerman/Martin affair — I think maybe we are starting to pay the full price for this thing that my father was talking about. Maybe that's one of the things we need to work on.



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