“There Aren’t Enough Grumpy Middle-Aged White Men To Win An Election” (Coulda Thought Of THAT Sooner)


This is so stupid. The Rep’s admitted they had a problem in 2012 – they were being, in Bobby Jindal’s words, “The Stupid Party” – but, instead of addressing it, they did nothing but go back to doing what they’d been doing. That’s why they lost my vote. Now they want to pretend Trump is a cause of their problems when, in truth, he is a symptom of their incompetence. Trump can only be seen as a political “hangover and then herpes” to those who thought, before he showed up, the party was healthy. It wasn’t. Not then, not now, and maybe – if it continues not being able to grasp what it’s been doing to itself – not even in the future,…


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