Gwyneth Paltrow

I’m waaay past trying to “read between the lines” on NewAge, but, when I do still read about it, certain stuff does leap out at me:

“The combination of aspirational blogging, female-targeted marketing and the alternative health industry has created something with significant potential to cause harm…while some practices are supported by evidence or are culturally important and date back millennia, some are pure opportunistic snake oil: anti-scientific and crass in exploiting illness for profit…The danger of Goop isn’t simply in the broader risks of pseudoscience and misinformation, it’s in the exploitation of medicine’s sexism to create a new and gendered market for snake oil. The wellness industry isn’t pushing for more and better science into women’s health — it wants instead to create a secondary pathway for…disproportionately exposing women to the harms of quackery.”

Why that doesn’t leap out – to women – I can only wonder,…


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